Mold Remediation

Mold Removal

Have you recently discovered mold in your home or commercial building? If so, there’s no time to waste! At Restoration 24, our mold removal and restoration specialists are available 24 hours to respond to your needs.

Our Mold Services Include:

  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and application of a fungicidal protective coating
  • Swab and air sample mold testing and assessment 
  • Safe mold removal services
  • Clean, sanitize, and apply a fungicidal protective coating 
  • Restoration of affected areas
  • Final mold test

Unchecked mold growth can lead to dangerous conditions in your home. If you’re in the all over the U.S, contact Restoration 24 to speak with a mold removal and restoration specialist today. 

What Do Mold Removal and Restoration Companies Do?

Suppose you recognize the presence of mold or signs that you may be dealing with mold. In that case, contacting a professional mold removal and restoration company is essential as quickly as possible. Mold can be unhealthy for anyone, particularly for vulnerable populations like older people, children, and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions. 

Mold removal and restoration companies inspect your home, remediate and remove dangerous mold, and make it less likely for mold to return. Additionally, we can help to restore areas of your home infested with mold by completing minor repairs, drywall replacement, and carpet replacement. 

Our technicians are again dedicated to making your home safe for you and your family. We understand that no one wants to live with mold longer than they have to. Our technicians are available around the clock to serve your mold removal and restoration needs. So give us a call at any time to speak with a specialist and schedule your same-day inspection.

What Happens After Mold is Found?

Every situation is different. Mold can grow under many circumstances, such as weather damage, leaking pipes, broken appliances, faulty HVAC systems, and excess indoor moisture. Our specialist will assess your unique circumstances and quickly enact a plan of action to help you eliminate your mold problem.  

Emergency Mold Restoration Services – Available 24 hours

No matter the day of the week or when you find signs of mold in your home, our trained mold removal and restoration technicians are on call 24 to help. When scheduling your free, no-obligation assessment, our specialist will ask a few basic questions:

  • Name, contact information, and insurance information 
  • Your address
  • The signs of mold growth that you have recognized
  • If you have any leaking pipes or if your home has been damaged by flooding 
  • If you can, remove yourself from the affected area(s) until help arrives

While most insurance companies do not cover mold removal and remediation, we will work directly with your insurance if it applies.

Inspect and Assess Mold Damage

After you speak with a specialist, we will quickly dispatch our mold removal and restoration technicians to your home or commercial property to assess the damage and begin the mold removal. Our speedy response will help to limit further growth in your home. 

After the assessment, you will learn about the extent of the mold in your home and the estimated cost to remove the mold and restore your home. 

Mold Removal

Mold removal can be dangerous if done incorrectly. It’s best to leave this work to our highly-trained technicians. Before we begin working, we will seal off the affected areas so mold spores do not travel throughout your home. Our crews have safety gear, practical mold spore tests (air and surface), and professional-grade mold removal equipment. 

Clean, Sanitize, and Apply Protective Coating 

Removing the mold is the first step; ensuring that your home is safe now and in the future is the next. Our mold removal technicians use industrial-strength anti fungal and antimicrobial treatments to destroy mold and prevent future growth. We also deodorize your home, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the smell of mold any longer.


In cases of significant mold growth, our mold restoration technicians may need to remove and replace areas of drywall, carpeting, and other affected building materials. In addition, we make minor repairs for moderate to light mold infestations. If areas of your home require reconstruction, we will ensure that your construction crew has a mold-free site to work on. 

Home and Commercial Mold Damage Removal and Restoration

In addition to causing business interruptions, mold can pose serious health risks for tenants, customers, and employees. The longer you wait to have the mold removed and your property restored, the more danger the people on your commercial property are exposed to. In addition to health concerns, untreated decay can lead to lost revenue and decreased productivity. 

Please don’t wait until the health department cites you or someone on your property who becomes ill, call us and send our commercial mold removal and restoration crew out to you on the same day. 

Contact Restoration 24 Today

At Restoration 24, we have more than ten years of mold removal and restoration experience. Whether your mold is due to leaking, flooding, or a significant storm, we have the equipment, training, and expertise to handle any size job. 

If your home or commercial property is experiencing a mold infestation, don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Instead, we provide mold removal and restoration services in all over the U.S. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation mold inspection and assessment. 

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